How Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Business?

There has been a lot that has happened as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19. As people are being encouraged to wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs, there has been a shortage of hand sanitizer, bleach and cleaning wipes, and other similar products. A lot of work culture will be temporarily changed as companies start to deploy mandatory work from home policies, and travel and tourism will be affected as our government temporarily bans travel to certain places where cases of the virus are high.

This pandemic is affecting the health of the public, and it’s also impacting the economy. According to Google, “since the first week of February, search interest in coronavirus increased by +260% globally.”

Both consumer-goods makers and retailers have everything at stake in understanding COVID-19 shifts.

B2B customers too are changing, and their providers must adapt.

Chief executives can help their marketing chiefs meet these goals, and much more besides.



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