Westside newspaper highlights the diversity of San Antonio


For 20 years, the Westside Sol and Southside Sol have been documenting the diversity and uniqueness of the San Antonio Community. Chief Officer, Joe Aguilar launched the Westside Sol in 2002 with the intent of creating a publication for the city’s Westside residents to call their own. Almost two decades later, Aguilar is proud of the success and longevity of the publication.  

“If you pass five years in the newspaper business, that means you’re doing good,” Aguilar said. “Some don’t make it after five.” 

Aguilar joined the newspaper industry to have a sense of ownership and to be the fruit of his own labor. However, more importantly, he wanted to provide an opportunity for the San Antonio community to advertise their own business. More specifically, helping support minority-owned businesses which is reflected through the publications advertising rates.  

“As a minority, my newspaper does not charge customers to advertise [because] it is for the minorities and for all owners,” Aguilar said. “[I want] to provide affordable costs and for them to take advantage of their rates in advertising.” 

  Aguilar feels fortunate to be a part of the newspaper industry and give a voice and opportunities for those who may not have them. 

The Westside Sol continues to grow. Currently, Aguilar has a radio show called, “Overtime Sports,” where he discusses the latest in sports every Tuesday on 92.5 FM.  Ultimately, Joe Aguilar expresses that he treats everyone equally, a diverse community and always makes it a point to includes others to advertise in his newspaper. 

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