Sponsor Feature: Turner Construction

In its second year of sponsorship, Turner maintains their involvement with Maestro Center’s Construction and Infrastructure Conference due to the event’s impact on the wider community.

“Turner Construction decided to become involved in this event because we recognize the role that the Maestro Center plays in the community and, specifically, the subcontractor and trade partner community,” said Porschia Tolbert, senior community & citizenship coordinator for Turner Construction. “We want to support the growth and development of the Maestro Center and also of the contractors that it supports.”

Turner’s sponsorship and participation in this event stems back to the vision of the organization which focuses on inclusivity and opportunity.

“The vision for Turner Construction is to make a difference in the lives of our people, customers and community,” Tolbert said. “We provide an inclusive environment where employees share creative ideas, seek challenges, and have an opportunity to grow.”

More specifically, Turner’s desire to promote inclusivity is how the Maestro Center becomes involved especially within the
construction industry.

“Speaking to our desire to provide an inclusive environment, I believe that the Maestro Center does that on a community and industry level,” Tolbert said. “What the Maestro Center does for contractors is help them build capacity and learn about the foundations of business which contributes to the creation of an inclusive environment within the construction industry as a whole.”

Turner’s sponsorship and involvement with the 2021 Construction and Infrastructure Conference will offer connections that ultimately lead to the growth of businesses.

“I hope that Turner’s involvement will help to connect the small and minority subcontractors and businesses to resources, to mentors, and to information that will help them develop,” Tolbert said.

In addition, Turner hopes that they are able to pass on the valuable experiential knowledge the organization has to businesses who could benefit from it.

“Turner Construction and the other large general contractors have so much experience in the industry. We have this knowledge that we can share and pass on so that the minority contractor community doesn’t have to learn all of the lessons through experience – some of them can be learned through mentorship,”she said.

Moreover, Turner hopes that attendees learn more about the resources and mentors available to them in the local area.

“I think the biggest hope is that the attendees know that there is a resource for them that is local,” she said. “They can reach out, ask questions, and have discussions about what they are experiencing in the field – especially the challenges.”

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