Sponsor Feature: DreamOn Group

The DreamOn Group is a full-service firm that encompasses a family of real estate development, construction, and property management companies, including the DreamOn Development Company, Tejas Premier Building Contractor Inc., and DreamOn Property Management.

The DreamOn Group provides an innovative and integrated approach to curating, developing, designing, constructing, and managing projects for construction clients, real estate development partners, and investors. With decades of construction and development experience, strong community relationships, and a client-driven approach, our talented team can realize any vision through thoughtful planning, vibrant design, and innovative collaborations.

The DreamOn Group remains committed to our community and people. As a community builder, the DreamOn Group has unique opportunities to transform lives and build stronger communities to provide our neighbors with a better quality of life. We believe in doing business that will transform spaces and communities. Rene Garcia says, “There are opportunities all around us, every day, to give back to our communities in some way. We have to look for them and act on them; that’s how we lift one another up.”

DreamOn Group Partners Julissa Carielo and Rene Garcia are both firm believers in giving back to the communities they serve. They have experienced and benefited from mentorship programs that offer tools and guidance that are necessary when starting a small business throughout both of their careers.  In turn, Julissa and Rene have been fortunate to support and work with small businesses in helping them succeed. The Maestro Entrepreneur Center is the perfect avenue to encourage and transform small businesses that need guidance, mentorship, and instruction. Julissa & Rene are always compelled to give back by sharing their experiences as small-business owners and helping others thrive in the construction industry. Helping guide small businesses through financial, employment, and growth issues improve our community and the industry as a whole. On giving back, Julissa Carielo said, “One of the most significant benefits of giving back is that it enriches your life, it familiarizes you with your community, and connects you to people and ideas that will positively impact your perspective. Helping the community is an opportunity to grow as a person, as a business, and to understand better how to serve and fit into the world around you.”

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