Getting to Know: Alpha Centauri Contractors

As fathers, Jason Labree and Ryan Runnels celebrate family values through Alpha Centauri Contractors (A.C.C.).

An El Paso native, Labree moved to San Antonio in 2006 with hopes of tackling a “bigger market.” The border town offers business in the residential industry but limited economic opportunity in commercial and industrial sectors.

“Basically, El Paso is a military base operation,” Labree said. “If you aren’t doing work strictly for the military, you know it’s pretty small.”

While small competitors existed in the El Paso marketplace, large competitors challenge the two fathers in the San Antonio Marketplace when they established their business in October 2020.

“There are a lot of contractors,” Labree said. “Everyone is looking to get the most for the least amount.”

Even so, establishing a solid rapport with general contractors has proven to be a successful tool within the Alpha Centauri Contractors business model.

Labree and Runnels have increased their electrical rates in the second-largest city in Texas to financially combat the increase in living standards, such as housing and minimum wage.

The boost in electrical rates and business has more than doubled Labree’s’ pay since moving from El Paso.

Labree and Runnels also reaped financial gain in the aftermath of the electrical grid shortages in Texas by establishing home backup generators and electrical tie-ins that prepare homeowners to maintain power and electrical viability.

Having a marketplace presence throughout South Texas, Alpha Centauri Contractors hopes to be one of the “top electrical contractors” in San Antonio and provide services statewide in the future.

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