Maestro Entrepreneur Center is committed to helping small businesses accelerate growth beyond the million dollar revenue threshold.

Business to Business Networking

Meeting Buyers One-on-One

Business to Business Database and Opportunity Posting

International Business and Virtual Connection

Business Fairs

Vendor Markets

Opportunities to Showcase Your Business:

Market Days

Solo Art Exhibits

Business Fairs

Business Conferences

Meet the Buyers


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Opportunities to Connect

Business to Business Database With Opportunity Postings

Maestro members can connect with our other clients via our online portal where they can network and discover postings about potential new opportunities in the community.

Conduct International Business via Virtual Connection

With so many interactions happening online through social media and business interactions regularly being conducted virtually,the opportunity to meet with and present your services to potential clients abroad acts as a highly valuable marketing advantage.

Business Fairs Where You Can Meet With Potential Clients One-On-One

Business to business fairs provide a great place to build relationships with other people in your industry and although social media has become the way we interact, nothing is better than the opportunity to market your business in-person to garner new clients.

We are creating a culture of entrepreneurship on the MEC campus and in the community by providing:


A place on the fast track to grow their business to the next level

Training, networking and resources that will help develop the next generation of business leaders

Monthly round table discussions, one on one mentoring and training