HR Solutions for Small Businesses

05-25-17 08:30 - 05-25-17 10:00
Maestro Entrepreneur Center
1811 S Laredo St, San Antonio, TX, United States

Join us and learn about the benefits of using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and how it can help small business owners save time and reduce employee-related expenses. This workshop is designed to help business owners move to the next level! You’ll get a look at the PEO service industry and the benefits to business owners and their employees!

Topics include:

  • What is a Professional Employee Organization (PEO) and ASO service?
  • Three reasons why businesses look for PEO services
  • Reducing Labor Cost and Eliminating Exposures
  • Lowering Worker Compensation Cost
  • Lowering Health Insurance Cost
  • Reducing Employer Liabilities
  • How to attract and maintain good employees

About our Presenter: Brandley Stroud started in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry in 1997. He worked for three of the top PEO firms in the country developing a strong understanding of the industry. Bradley established his own firm, StroudLink, in 2004 after realizing a tremendous demand to help businesses find PEO services that best fit their own unique challenges. Furthermore, StroudLink helps businesses find the PEO/Human Resource Outsourcing Service that best fits their specific needs and budget regardless of employee size or type of work they perform.