Are you a small minority, women, or veteran owned business?

Maestro’s Entrepreneurship 10 Week Cohort Program™ is for stagnant early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate growth. The program is made possible through a grant from Woodforest National Bank and in partnership with the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and is taught by entrepreneurs.

In order to determine if our Maestro’s Entrepreneurship Program is a good match for your business, please fill out the application and tell us about your business or organization. Applications re-open in Jan 2018 for our Spring Cohort.

Prerequisite Sessions

Ideas to Action

Early Spring 2018 | 5:30pm to 7pm

Free and open to the public

10 Week Cohort Program Curriculum

Mondays 6pm to 8pm

  • Class 1 | Monday, October 16th: Business Development

    Setting up a plan for success, identifying your market, product and services offered, developing business relationships that lead to contracts.

  • Class 2 | Monday, October 23rd: Cost Pricing

    Pricing to be profitable and still be competitive, developing contract budgets

  • Class 3 | Monday, October 30th: Business Operations and Project Management

    Organizing and managing your business and contracts from start to finish, Develop OKRs to improve bottom line

  • Class 4 | Monday, November 6th: Cash Management

    Learning to read financials and budgets to analyze if you are making money and what you can do to improve bottom line

  • Class 5 | Monday, November 13th: Being Bankable to Grow Your Business

    When loans are used to expand and not just to survive

  • Class 6 | Monday, November 20th: Insurance and Legal Matters

    How to protect your business legally and with the right coverage

  • Class 7 | Monday, November 27th: Technology

    Using technology to protect, manage and grow your business

  • Class 8 | Monday, December 4th: Leadership for Entrepreneurs

    How to lead your company into success, team building techniques and dos and don’ts of HR.

  • Class 9 | Monday, December 11th: Marketing and Selling for Success

    Developing a marketing strategy, diversify planning and relationship building to grow your business. Develop Elevator Speech and 5 min Company Presentation

  • Class 10 | Monday, December 18th: Selling to Buyers

    5 Min Company Presentations, invite buyers to come listen and meet and greet, then end with graduation ceremony

Want to join Maestro’s Entrepreneurship Cohort?

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Applications re-opens January 2018 for our Spring Cohort